Absentee by mail.


Due to COVID-19, the Indiana Election Commission is allowing all registered voters in Indiana to vote absentee by mail. Voting absentee by mail is secure and easy to do. After submitting your absentee by mail application, you will receive a ballot in the mail from your county's election office, along with a return envelope. You will complete the ballot and return it using the return envelope via mail. 

Completing an Absentee by Mail Application

To vote absentee by mail, you must submit an application before you can receive your ballot in the mail. As long as you are an Indiana registered voter, and you complete the form correctly, your application will be approved. For the 2020 Indiana Primary Election, the deadline to submit your application to your county's election office is Thursday, May 21.

Step-By-Step Guide to Completing the Indiana Absentee by Mail Application

Voter Information

In section 1 of the application, you must clearly print your name, date of birth and voter registration address. Providing a telephone number is optional, however it is recommended. Having a telephone number on your application will assist your county's election office if a staff member needs to contact you regarding your application. Providing the last four digits of your social security number is not required. 

If you changed your name since you registered to vote, you need to write your original name in the space provided so the county election office can update your voter registration information. 

Section 2 should be used if you wish you have your ballot sent to an address that is different from your voter registration address. Examples include: College residence, winter home, PO Box, etc. 

Political Party Information

In the State of Indiana, you must request a major political party ballot to vote in a primary election. You cannot vote in the primary election without doing so. If you choose to not select a major political party (Democratic or Republican), you will not be able to vote for any candidates during the primary election.

Signature of Voter

You must hand sign your application for it to be valid. A digital signature will not be accepted. 

Submitting your Completed Application

Email: lcabsenteevoting@lakecountyin.org

Fax: 219-755-3801

Phone: 219-755-3795

You will submit your completed application to your county's election office via fax, email, mail, or drop off in person. 

Lake County Elections and Registration Office

Building 'A205' Second Floor

2293 N. Main Street

Crown Point, IN 46307

If you live outside of Lake County, Indiana, please contact your county's election office for the best method of return. 

370 E 84th Drive

Suite 100

Merrillville, IN 46410

Phone: 219-736-1880

Fax: 219-736-1940

Email: contact@risenwi.org

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